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There are many religions of the world, including Atheism.  Out of all of them the one I understand the most is Atheism.  I am not so keen on modern Atheism and the brutal massacre of other religions, particularly Christians, but I am an expert at classic Atheism.  This is the type of Atheism that leaves well enough alone.  I always thought that was part of the description. Classic Atheists don’t degrade, mock, or stone Christians with words or bullying of any kind.  They just smile without insult or gossip about the gods in a society where they don’t belong.  However, modern Atheists have banded together to make an example of Christians.  In the words of Dear Dawkins,  “Mock them” is mild compared to other slams I’ve heard.  The aggression of modern Atheists is one of the reasons why I began to question their stability.  Classic Atheists prided themselves in being moral on the grounds of mankind.  Today, the Youtube Atheist is no better than the “man to cast the first stone.”  Morality has no place in their philosophy.  They have given themselves free reign to be judge and jury in the family of man.

C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity makes the valid point that in a realm of God’s domain, morality is a guide in the conscience of man. It is an absolute that can’t be stretched, manipulated, or changed. It is how we know right from wrong, good from evil, the forbidden from not.  Modern Atheism has no foundation, so the individual is the guide.  It has been set lose on mankind with no control. Classic Atheists understood that any history of Christianity affiliated with sociopathy was the result of the man, not the religion.  Today, Christianity is in the center stage of blame for any social media and massacre that has written our history. “Guilty by association” has no meaning in the mind of modern Atheists.”  By using God as a sidekick in the evils of the world, the Athieists can pin the blame on Him, while taking the insanity of the perpetrator out of the equation.  That breaks philosophical logic in a big way. The word “fallacious argument” comes to mind. Nevertheless, this is certainly not the first time that God, in whatever form, has become a scapegoat.

You see, I spent over a half of a century studying philosophy and sociology.  Religion, or lack thereof, was a part of that regeme.  In simplest terms, I believed that religion was  just a manifestation of man’s instinct to survive, a way to knock death out of the water.  However, the connection I had to morality was strong, even as an Atheist and I never would have used the word, “ignorant”, or “stupid” in conversation in or outside of the religious. Today, it’s part of the Atheistic religion to denigrade the religious. I had my standards and I prided myself on the fact that I could be just as “good” being an Atheist as anyone could being  a Christian.  As an Atheist, I could make as much of a difference in the lives of my fellow man as any good Christian.  Modern atheism has a new mission.  It is to destroy the spirit and totally dismantal and disintigrate the integrity of Christians.  It’s become a vendetta.  So, when it comes to Atheism, I’m an expert at the classics.  I will never understand the Modern Atheistic religion.

That said, when I lost some of my family to the con artist I used to call “husband” and his new wife, countless false accusations and insults later, I reevaluated my life.  Spending years in guilt because they must be right, sent me on a whirlwind ride of shame.  He was on his way to accomplishing what he promised; to put me under the freeway in a cardboard box. Saying it in the company of the children was never a deterrent. Now he says the same about my son-in-law. My friends begged to differ on his accusations.  Google University gave an almost exotic pleasure to his wife for ex-wife psychological evaluations and slander.  Lack of sensitivity was never one of my strongest points.  So I shriveled into a ball of omnipresent shame, though not remembering the history he tagged on me as evidence.  They were the worst years of my life.  One brother of mine got on the bandwagon along with his children, but the rest of my 4 siblings saw how unhealthy the conversations were and let them pass by.  Never coming to my defense was their only misgiving.  I would take that over joining what the ex called, his “camp”. I scanned the integrity of all those involved and realized something.  This realization came after trying so desperately to stay afloat in life by the terms that “I just had to wait out my life before I could find the peace to die.”  This realization was that they were all Athesist.  Not so much as a Mormon or a Muslim was part of his camp. I was an atheist too, however, I knew I didn’t want to play the game.  I knew I could never hurt someone in the ways that he was conjuring.  I knew that somewhere off of the plane of this world, in some unfathomable dimension, there was a morality that every one of these people were in the process of raping. In a quest to not blame atheism, but the men and women’s mindset instead, I found that there was noplace to scapegoat on.  There was no God to hand over the “sin”. But there was the mindset and a complete loss of anchor for decent judgement.

This story is longer than this post, and I could never do the reader justice by leaving out so much, however, in the interest of moving on to the blessings of Christianity, I will cut it short.

It was on a Yoga mat that the thought of Christ came to me.  It was like a sonic boom in the middle of a barren desert.  Thinking of Christ was not in my lifestyle. Yet, there He was.  In three simple words, I imaginatively, with no point of reference whatsoever, felt Him say, “Come, follow me.”  It was a life saving split second. So bizarre and out of character it was for me, I felt as though I had to listen.  Since then, I have come to learn that the spiritual nature of those things greater than ourselves, come to us in the calm of the moment.  Yoga gives that.   There He was. The next week, I visited the church around the corner and made an appointment with the pastor.  I was as close to suicidal as anyone could get while the massacre outside of me continued.  It still drones on today.  The difference between today and yesterday is in the forgiveness.

I walked into that counseling session a die hard Atheist.  I walked out with an open mind because of the joyful sense of peace that I had not experienced in years, perhaps decades.  Where this divine surge came from is up to the reader to decide. I understand the Atheist when he says that we just don’t know enough science yet to explain the impossible odds of the universe.  I understand the Christian physicist when they explain the fine tuning of the universe against those impossible odds.  I understand the psychologist when she counsels her clients to think of themselves in the equation of life.  I understand the Christian when she explains that we should think of God in the equation of life as more important than our own whims. In my mind, as I walk the streets in more vivid colors than I’ve seen in a long time, as I listen to the wind and the song of the birds in symphonies I never noticed before, as I taste a meal with pleasure never experienced before,  and as I touch nature with new senses carved by the divine, I realize that the newness of life that Christianity has given me has come to me as a gift.  The more I try to please God, the more joyous life presents itself.  The crux of the moment is in the whisper of forgiveness.  I’ve made miles of advancements toward forgiving the camp, but can’t say that I am there.  When they take a child with them and destroy the relationship with the artistry that they did against my daughter, forgiveness is hard to come by.

It’s important to notice that even though the joy comes with this new life, Christianity does not make the joy an end in itself.  The joy in Christianity feeds off of what you can offer others, whether it is forgiveness, service, resources, or just a shoulder to lean on.  The joy comes from extending ourselves outward into the world, into the hearts and minds of others.  It does not come from knowing there is no punishment waiting for us or you will be in favor with God if…  Other religions use bribery and cruel reinforcement to keep a hold on the people.  Reincarnation is no exception with the dark cloud of “what goes around, comes around” lurking in the mindset of a lifetime.  Christianity plays on the incident of the crucifixion and knowing that whatever atrocities are committed, a walk with Christ is what is real.  It is not a moral lesson to keep us all in line.  Forgiveness is simply forgiveness because it is grounded in perfection.  We don’t get extra silver coins, a better life incarnated. Only through Christ and His lead, as a means to the end of joy to others…matters. Buddhists keep an inner focus.  The way to deal with the world is to change your perspective within.  Christianity means to deal with the world by making changes focused outside of our tiny world of “self”.

The most profound surprise I found when investigating Christianity is that Christians don’t try to make their way toward God.  God comes to get them. Everyone has an equal blessing through the Grace of God.  It is not a reward system.  It just is.

Whether it is Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., etc., Christianity is that which speaks to others in a triumph of making a difference in the footsteps of God, not for favors.  True Christians don’t slander, even those that go against the morality of age old ethics.  Because, you see, Christ walked with the misfits and they found their place at His side. As societies change, the true Christian never changes his God.  Those cast aside, the criminals, the prostitutes, and the ones who have their lives “together”, are all welcome under His domain.  The magic of Christianity is Grace.  Through Grace, we find our way through the ugly works of those that would sooner see us perish. Through Grace, we find the joy of knowing our place in the universe, regardless of those that may never understand.  Grace finds our way clear to unload the baggage from our past, and we extend the same thing out to others who have wronged us. In that, there is peace and absolute joy.  God seeks us.  All we have to do is let Him in. In our clarity, we embrace the world and those around us with love and grace.  We see an equality in everyone at once.  And that is what the Modern Atheists aim to destroy.



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