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Fear is NOT Real

I was older before I realized that choices and morality break down into only one form.  That form is love, the very essense of everything light. With love, we can survive anything.  Love is that form of reality that is always putting fear to shame.  It bypasses the spawns of all things evil.  It is untouchable by anything that is dark and foreboding.  So pure and quenchible love is, anything disassociated with it can not even survive in its company.  If you light a candle in the dark, the bleak essence of the dark can’t penetrate it.  The candle holds its own. Where there is light, darkness is obliterated.  I am told that in the presense of pure love, there isn’t any association with the dark that can survive it.  The presense of darkness can’t even be in the vicinity of the light of love.  I recall a pastor explaining to me with passion that the love of God can’t even be in the presence of anything less than the purity of light.  It’s not that He chooses to discard the dark from His presense.  It is that they can’t exist in His realm.  I thought, in my agnostic mind at the time, “Ah ha! Something that God can’t do.”  Can God make  darkness from light and still retain the property of light? Perhaps it is that darkness is the absense of light.  Perhaps it is not a question of opposites.  Perhaps it is a question of something as opposed to nothing.  So that leaves the question of good and evil. Is evil the absense of good?

Love is that which is.  It is the light.  Darkness is merely the absense of light.  Fear takes on two meanings in the English language.  The simple definition is that which implies an impending danger. Fear also means a state of awe and reverence.  This is where the atheistic arguments against God come full force against a culture that is drowned in multiple meanings of words that are spelled the same with different meanings. Fear is a homonym.  It has multiple meanings with identical spellings.  The young atheist will tell you that if we are commanded to fear God, then He can not be ultimately good.  Fear means He is terrible, and to fear Him is indicative of His lack of pure goodness.  However, to awe with inspiration and reverence, in fact,  implies a goodness of light. This important difference must be understood before making sense of the fact that when I speak of fear as the absense of love, this subject is the furthest thing from God that you can get. I am using the definition of fear that denotes something threatening and impending.  Awe and reverence has a place in goodness.  Threats and horror do not.

Fear appears to be alive and thriving within our every day.  We fear the car that was two seconds from us as it ran the red light.  We fear for losing the safety of our children.  We may fear a storm.  We may even fear our boss.  No matter what the fear, we should consider that this homonym has a definition in opposite meaning. Fear can bring terror.  It can also bring reverence. I fear my ex-husband on the grounds of his undying contempt. I fear his size because of the times he puffed out his chest holding a six foot, five inch frame and how he grew even several inches taller before shoving me into a desk or grabbing me and shaking me under the open skies on Main Street.  I fear his unforgiveness for the smallest descretions, his cynicism, and the skill he has to manipulate the minds of my children and my brothers. I have no reverence or awe of him.  What I feel is the exact absense of what I feel for those that spark my heart with love.  I am certain that the reader has, within their mind, someone or something that they fear.  What this fear is (or what it is in being nothing, as with darkness), drives avoidance.  The stress from this severe lack of love and caring is real enough to change the emotional state of even the most sane and competant individual.

When we were born, we were meant to love.  We were meant to carry love to others; other people, other creatures, other states of life and being.  We were born to love every aspect of this world’s artistry.  We were also born to receive love from others. When we suffocate from the lack of this love, it is the snuffing out of the candle.  We become enveloped the nothingness that  fills in the spaces when the light goes out.  It is the absense of love.  It is fear, the object of nothingness, just as darkness is the absense of light.  Fear is the absense of love.  When love leaves a relationship or our own minds in the throes of depression, what filters in is the nothingness of fear.  Imagine the soul that is blessed with what so many others envy.  However, he does not see the gifts that life has brought.  Perhaps he is rejecting what he loves by taking away the focus, and in his reality, when that love falls away, fear infiltrates the empty spaces.  Fear is the nothingness of laying in wait for impending doom on a life we can’t see in front of us.  Loving life means to saturate ourselves with the circumstances of what life has given us.  To look away and impatiently wait for more money, more prestige, more egotistical recognition in the realm of family, friends, and community, is to pull emptiness into the world that we do have.  In that, we fear stagnation rather than embracing it.  In the focus of standing still in a life that surrounds us with love, we discount that love while the emptiness of fear wails up inside of our minds.

Intangible joy means to look at the places where we stand and notice the details around us.  There will always be someone above us in the materialistic trails that can easily inspire us to make a steep climb of money and prestige in our lives.  The value of becoming better or putting on an image of symmetrical beauty is an empty expression of fear.  It is a lack of love, and in that is the evil of fear. There is no love in rising above others, gaining control over the lives of those we falsely accuse of being lesser than us.  There is only love intermingling with those we view as our purpose to love and make a difference in life; those we see on equal ground as human.  Fear drives the millionaire to become the billionaire because there is a lack of love.  Fear drives the sixty year old woman to upscale the others by wearing more make-up or falling under the knife in order to have a stranglehold on the years of youth.  It is a fear of face, fear of looking a certain age.  There is no love in this effort.  Love can’t hold this plan of action.

Hate is only the emptiness of love in the concept of avoidance.  I can say I hate the dentist.  That means I fear it in pain and an innate need to keep my body intact. When love exits as I enter the door of the dentist’s office, it leaves a void of dark fear.  In that feeling of “hate” is fear.

Consider that darkness is the absense of light.  Consider that fear is the absense of love.  We avoid reaching out to those we fear.  However, consider the expression of love as a living entity that drains the darkness and the fears we harbor.  When we express love, the concept of fear is snuffed out just as the darkness is snuffed out by the light of a candle.  The nothingness of fear disappears, as does the darkness in the realm of light. It’s not that it ceases to exist.  It is that darkness, intrinsically never really existed at all.  It is merely the absense of light.  Fear does not exist at all, as it is merely the absense of love. Those who are held captive by their fears, are held captive by nothing at all.  They are merely divorcing themselves from the light of love.

Christ knew this.  He was a philosopher in his time.  He knew that the answer to all struggles lies in the expressions of love.  Giving of ourselves, forgiveness, and withholding judgement are all expressions of love.  Greed, contempt, hatred, fear, and judgement are nothing but the absense of those named qualities of love. Without the characteristics of love in our life and our every day, we are living a life of nothing.

To seek intangible joy, our minds merge into living fully in the life of love.  Fear is not alive.  It is a void of light.  Love and all it expresses is a living entity that fulfills the human soul.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear…John 4:18


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