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Living a Culture Contradicting Faith: Profit vs. Prophet

God and money

No matter how long I live, there is one thing that remains consistant.  It is not grounded in the definition of beauty or time.  The one truth that never betrays its people, the truth that never changes history, the truth that is always in the forefront of everything real, is the truth of greed while the truth of love hovers like an elephant in the room in the background.  Scott Peck said it best.  Even those who give generously, give for recognition of the ego.  This could be.

I teach.  In an idealistic vision, long since destroyed through the corporate interference of my life, teaching made a difference.  Life has taught me otherwise.  I go to work in honor of the reading and math programs that ride a multibillion dollar industry through the structure of public school.  I go to work in order to facilitate profits that fall into the hands of the multibillion dollar testing industry.  I go to work in order to see to the needs of educational computer program profits.  I dictate the required hours of screen time the district has made manditory throughout the week in the name of these programs for profit.

In a living faith toward common good, the fence has been heightened, the gates are weighed heavily with stronger locks, and the minds of my fellow lifetime travelers are slowly succumbing to the game of profit, leaving the words of the prophets to deaf ears.

In my silence I sit back and see the bombardment of greed in every corner of my life. Children wear advertisements on their shirts and shoes as they trod to and from their nursery schools.  Toy stores are interwoven with media propaganda while kinesthetic skills lay waste behind windows of opportunity in the brain that are closing fast. While an entire nation disses on government interference, the multi-billion dollar industry has gotten into the back doors of our lives.  Pharmaceutical companies along with insurance companies dictate whether or not we live or die every day.  And if they give us the gift of life, they take our earnings to an exploitive degree.

I remember when Black Friday wasn’t a thing.  I remember when a fountain drink was only ten ounces in a biodegradable cup.  I remember when childhood obesity was unheard of.  I remember when cancer was rare. I remember not knowing of anyone who committed suicide. In this magical land of “give me more”, we have become more unhealthy than ever before, more depressed, and more greedy than our history has ever seen.

Enter the so-called mythological manifestation of perfection…Christianity that was given life through the lowly humility of a man that dared to walk with tax collectors and sinners. This was back in the day when no profit was to be made off of compassion, back when the prophets spoke and everyone listened.  One story is particularly radiant to all who believe.  That is the scene in the temple that sealed His fate for crucifixion. Even two thousand years ago, faith was fighting ego and profit.  The sandled man pushed aside the tables of profit while setting the animals free in a rage of love for the simple truth of the spirit. That truth is what we’ve lost sight of today. Above everything else, is love, not profits.

We walk in a civilization of a normalcy that accepts monetary gain as a priority over all other concepts of the mind. Even in my quiet, suburban neighborhood I can’t walk across the street without a reminder that corporate profits enter our lives through every angle.  A neighbor calls on a company to mow his lawn. A truck drives by telling everyone within its sights to install cable. A salesman walks passed with clipboard in hand, going door to door in the name of profits.

I count over 500 billboards on my way to work.  Some of them change adds digitally in order to overflow the brains of those passersby. Prices rise, people surrender, never knowing how or why we got here.

In my own personal life, I fight every day to rise above the corporate machine that pulls the light away from the absolute truth of love and spotlights a purpose of greed.  Because I have grown older within the confines of this absurd normalcy, it is very difficult to recognize the details of this machine that saturates our lives.  It is no wonder that Christianity has been slain in our culture of errors. True Christianity in the right mind of love is slaughtered by the lust for gain.  Love in its very core defies the cultural celebrations of power through gain.  The superheroes of our time are a facade.  The media has innovated the superhero culture that bleeds into the minds of our children on department store shelves and the entertainment industry to such a degree, there is no way of looking over the bodies of superpowers to see the real heroes among us; those that know love as something of a real essence.  From Elastic Woman to Thor, we relish.  Meanwhile, the true quality of what is real is buried beneath a history of vintage morals long since forgotten.  They continue to be buried still.



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